How Long Does a Personal Injury Case Last?

Here is the short answer:

The short answer is that injury claims typically take anywhere from 3 months to 3 years to resolve. However, let’s dive deeper into the details and break it down into two main categories: cases that settle without a lawsuit (“Pre-Litigation Cases) and cases that a lawsuit is required (“Litigation cases). The duration of your case will depend on whether your case is able to be resolve pre-litigation or if a court appearance and more fighting is necessary.

If your case settles during the pre-litigation phase, it should be resolved within 12 months or less. At the Green Injury Law Firm, we strive to resolve pre-litigation cases within 9 months or less. However, if your case requires a lawsuit, it may take an additional 1-2 years or more to reach a resolution.

Of course, there are exceptions to each rule. We've seen cases that resolve in as little as 60 days, while others may take up to 4 years to reach a conclusion.

I. Timeline of Pre-Litigation Personal Injury Case

Here's an approximate timeline of a Personal Injury or Car Accident Case:

Months 1-2:
Claim Setup and Evidence Collection

Months 2-6:
Medical Treatment

Month 7:
Preparation of Demand Letter

Month 8:

Months 9-10:
Settlement & Disbursement

If the case is not settled during the pre-litigation phase, your attorney will file a lawsuit on your behalf, initiating the litigation process.

II. Timeline of Litigation Injury Case

Months 1-2:
Draft Lawsuit and
Serve it on the Defendant

Months 3-5:
Written Discovery

Months 6-8:

Months 9-10:
Compulsory Medical Exam

Months 11-12:

Months 12+:


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