Insurance Companies Don’t Always Play Fair: My Battle for Fair Compensation After a Horrific Crash

Being rear-ended at high speed is every driver’s worst nightmare. For my client, that nightmare became a reality one fateful day on the highway. A reckless underinsured driver violently slammed into the back of his vehicle, causing it to rollover multiple times across the roadway.

As his vehicle tumbled, my client feared the terrifying possibility of another car piling into the chaos, compounding the damage and injuries. Miraculously, his vehicle exited the highway without a secondary impact. But the trauma was far from over as he continued to roll until finally coming to rest – thankfully right-side up.

The at-fault driver carried only a $10,000 insurance policy. We turned to my client’s underinsured motorist coverage, expecting a fair payout commensurate with the harrowing experience.

However, the uninsured motorist carrier, Allstate, offered to pay out a measly 25% of the policy on the basis there were no broken bones or surgeries. Insurance companies often stick to the computer formulas and when there are no broken bones or surgeries, the computers spit out low numbers.

The other obstacle was the lack of injuries found at the emergency room. However, the emergency room doctors only focused on life-threatening trauma, and routinely overlooked spinal disc herniations, rotator cuff tears, and other musculoskeletal injuries which are more appropriately treated in an out-patient setting.

After nine gruelling months of litigation, the insurance company finally folded just before trial. Through tenacious advocacy, we compelled them to honor the policy and pay every hard-earned penny they owed.

While we prevailed, far too many personal injury victims accepted the initial lowball offers out of frustration or desperation. My client’s case underscores the importance of having a skilled legal team to forcefully advocate for your rights and pursue just compensation – even from your own insurance company.


In conclusion, this hard-fought victory showcases why you need a personal injury lawyer who will go the distance on your behalf. Insurance companies are highly motivated to protect their profits, often at the expense of paying out legitimate claims. Without aggressive legal representation, they can take advantage of injured victims already overwhelmed by physical and emotional trauma.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in an auto accident, don’t become another statistic by trustingly accepting an insurance company’s lowball offer. Consult an experienced personal injury attorney who can properly value your damages and fight for the fair compensation you deserve. As my client’s case proves, it’s often the only way to make the insurance giants honor their policies and obligations.


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