Lawsuit Alert: Flying Tire on 441 Causes Serious Injury To Motorist

The Green Injury Law Firm is filing a lawsuit against the owner and operator of a dump truck who negligently allowed one of its wheels to dislodge at high speeds on State Rd. 7 / 441. The wheel went flying and struck our client’s vehicle head on. The tire and wheel combo likely weighed over 500 lbs. and measured nearly 6 feet in circumference. Considering the combined speed of the wheel and our client’s vehicle (traveling in opposite directions), the crash would have generated thousands of pounds of force.

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Our client was driving a 2021 Subaru SUV at the time of the incident. Her airbags immediately deployed upon impact. Her vehicle was later declared a total loss and she underwent extensive medical care. She sustained permanent injuries, and our personal injury law firm will pursue justice on her behalf.

The Defendant is anticipated to blame the flying tire on a faulty repair which was completed the day before the incident. Our law firm will include the repair shop as a defendant; but will not let the owner/operator off the hook for their share of negligence. Our legal team has a plan of attack that we do not wish to unveil now. We will post updates later in the case.


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Attorney Seth Green has extensive experience handling trucking accident cases. He has handled cases against UPS, FedEx, and other regional trucking companies involving serious personal injury and wrongful death. Our society and governing bodies have recognized the dangers involved in the operation of huge semis and tractor trailers. As such, the paid professional semi-truck drivers are tasked with a heightened responsibility to operate their trucks with due care. When the trucking rules are violated, due to the size of the vehicles, the consequences are typically catastrophic. Attorney Green obtained specialized knowledge about the requirements imposed on professional drivers which usually are neglected in accident cases. If you have a question about a trucking accident case, do not hesitate to call us at 561-362-2009 for a free consultation.


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