Below are cases that have been handled by Seth Green, ESQ. Please note past cases are not indicative of future results. Your case value will depend on the specific facts of your case and we encourage you to call us for a free consultation.
A pastor was killed in a motor vehicle accident in Boynton Beach, Florida due to no fault of his own. The pastor had no wife or children. Pursuant to Florida Wrongful Death Law, the insurance company for the at-fault driver thought they would escape paying a sizeable settlement because there were no proper heirs to the estate. However, Mr. Green proved to the insurance company that the pastor’s sister, although not a traditional heir to the estate per traditional Florida Law, was entitled to a very large settlement based upon her financial dependence on the now-deceased pastor. The sister ended up receiving a sizeable settlement many times larger than she ever expected.

The specific facts of this case are not permitted to be shared. However, we can say that this was a heavily contested case where the defense insinuated that the victim intentionally committed suicide and as such the family was not permitted to recovery damages. Mr. Green fought hard and presented a strong case in arbitration leading to favorable result for the family.

A woman was involved in a sideswipe auto accident. She sustained an injury to her neck and shoulder requiring surgery. The defendant denied fault for the crash in his deposition. Mr. Green retained an expert crash reconstruction engineer and recreated the crash. Mr. Green was also able to locate the same vehicles involved in the crash (the originals were no longer available) and proved via video footage that the Defendant’s story was unsound. Soon after Mr. Green announced he was ready for trial, the insurance company agreed to settle.
A young man was involved in a car v. motorcycle accident. He was not wearing a helmet and had no memory of the crash. Mr. Green successfully proved the other driver was responsible for the crash. The young man on the motorcycle did sustain injuries, including broken bones, but eventually made a very strong recovery and fortunately is doing well today.

Defendant claimed to have “passed out” behind the wheel, ran a red light and t-boned my client. Defendant relied on a “sudden medical emergency” defense which would have resulted in a $0.00 award. We were able to use crash reconstruction data to prove the defendant never “passed out” instead he was just multi-tasking or not paying attention.

The terms of this settlement are confidential.
Our client sustained non-life threatening injuries as a result of an MVA verse scooter incident. Prior to the incident, he suffered with substance abuse. Unfortunately, following his injury, he was prescribed pain meds and it ultimately led to reigniting his addiction issues. We gathered evidence showing he was on track for success but for the MVA and ultimately obtained full payment of the entire insurance policy.
Client slipped when he stepped on a parking lot with wet sealcoat due to an ongoing maintenance project. The property owner did not properly warn the patron of the active project.
A motorcycle rider was hit by a car that ran through a stop sign. The motorcyclist suffered serious injuries to his face and arms. The motorcycle rider was not interested in a long journey through a lawsuit and wanted to stop all treatment with the doctors. Mr. Green was able to secure a relatively quick settlement and the motorcyclist was very pleased with the result. He likely is back on the road enjoying his motorcycle as we speak.
A woman fell in a parking lot. She sustained a serious arm fracture requiring multiple surgeries. The property owner denied all wrongdoing, blamed the fall entirely on the woman and refused to pay one dollar to settle the case pre-lawsuit. During a two-year litigation battle, Mr. Green secured deposition testimony from a former employee of the property owner which undermined the property owner’s defense. Mr. Green also obtained a photograph from Google Street View Archives demonstrating the hazardous condition which caused the fall had existed for several years before the incident date.
Client fell to the ground when his scooter tire got caught in a sandy pit located in the center of a sidewalk. There was ongoing construction and the contractor dug up the sidewalk. The contractor failed to close the sidewalk or warn the rider of the hidden danger.
A man fell off a dock and into the water while boarding a boat at a local marina. The man suffered a laceration to his leg and later underwent two knee surgeries. The case proceeded to a five-day jury trial. On the last day of trial, Attorney Green cross-examined the owner of the marina in front of the jury and got him to admit that his prior deposition testimony concerning the maintenance of the dock was inaccurate. During jury deliberations, the insurance company agreed to a confidential settlement.
Our client was injured on his friend’s property when he stepped on a dirty nail which eventually led to a toe amputation. The friend invited him to make a claim against the home owner insurance policy only to find out the agent did not pay the premiums. Our law office was able to persuade the agent to cover the losses due to their negligence using their errors and omissions insurance coverage.
Minor client was a passenger on an ATV. The ATV owners allowed their minor child to take the ATV for a joy ride with multiple friends absent supervision or consent from the other childrens’ parents. The ATV was misused and our client was injured.
Client rode his bicycle near a construction size when construction debris blew into his path of travel causing him to fall off his bicycle and fracture his hip.
This paragraph here is a place holder for dozens of cases Mr. Green has resolved for policy limits. In Florida, it is common to have policy limits cap out at $250,000. It is also common for people to sustain herniated disc and require spinals surgery following a car crash. Mr. Green routinely handles these types of cases and has frequently been able to achieve the max payout within months of his client’s surgery. There are too many of these cases to count or list.
Mr. Green’s client was involved in a high speed car crash. She was most concerned about her children following the incident. She did not initially undergo any diagnostic testing to see whether she injured her spine. She later became pregnant and had a big treatment gap. Three years later she gets an MRI and identifies a herniated disk. The insurance company did not “buy” that the herniated disk was related to the accident. Mr. Green took the case to trial and proved to the jury this accident did cause the herniated disc. The highest pre-trial offer was $15,000.
A middle-aged woman was involved in a minor parking lot fender bender. Her vehicle sustained under $750.00 in property damage. However, prior to the accident, the woman had been diagnosed with a severely herniated disk in her spine. After the accident, she underwent surgery to repair her herniated disk. Mr. Green argued the woman’s recent accident was the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back” and persuaded the insurance company to tender the full limits of their insured’s $250,000 insurance policy.
A man riding his motorcycle, without a helmet, was thrown off his motorcycle when he was cut-off by an inattentive driver. He suffered road rash, bruises, and herniated disks but fortunately recovered without surgery or invasive medical treatment. The motorcycle rider’s medical bills totaled under $20,000.00 but it did not stop Mr. Green from obtaining a large settlement.
A man and young child were enjoying a ride around an Orlando go-kart track when a teen driver hit him from behind and spun out his kart. His kart turned off and he was left at the bottom of a steep hill for a considerable time. A second teen driver came down the hill full speed and struck the inoperable kart head-on. The impact caused the man to fracture his foot. Mr. Green hired an amusement park expert who concluded the amusement park employees were negligent in failing to timely react to the situation and prevent the second crash. Attorney Green also secured deposition testimony from an independent witness proving the amusement park employees took no action for 5-10 seconds while the man and young child were “sitting ducks” at the bottom of a hill on the go-kart track.
A woman fell on a slippery substance in the lobby of her office building. She was unable to identify the substance that caused her to fall, how it got there or how long it was present on the floor prior to her fall. She required two shoulder surgeries following the incident. The insurance company defending the case firmly believed it would escape liability because of a then, newly enacted Florida Statute which precludes claimants from prevailing in Slip & Fall cases if they are unable to prove the property owner had notice of the hazardous condition. Mr. Green got the case from another lawyer, which had been sitting dormant for some time, and drafted a meticulous memorandum of law proving the new statute was not applicable to the woman’s case and the old law (pre-2010) would apply. The insurance company settled shortly after receiving Mr. Green’s memorandum of law.
An elderly driver nearly ran over a mother and her child while they were walking in a parking lot. The mother instinctively put her arm out to get the driver’s attention to stop the vehicle and her hand was struck by the car. Three days after the incident, the mother began experiencing rib pain and was diagnosed with a fractured rib. The elderly driver’s insurance company denied contact was made between the mother and the vehicle and also denied the rib fracture was related to the incident. However, witnesses would prove otherwise. Also, the mother’s treating doctor explained the injury was consistent with the mother’s quick arm movement at the time of the incident. The doctor also explained the mother suffered from a rare pre-existing condition which made her easily susceptible to a broken rib.
An elderly gentleman made a wide U-turn and forced a young woman to drive off the road and into a concrete wall. She fractured a bone in her spine. The insurance company only offered the woman $26,000 to settle her case arguing the young woman was responsible for her own injuries for “over-reacting” and crashing into a wall. Mr. Green prepared the case for trial and took the deposition of a key independent witness who testified the young woman was run off the road by the elderly gentlemen and crashing into the wall was unavoidable. The insurance company later agreed to tender their insured’s policy limits of $100,000.00.
Our team was brought in to assist the minor children in getting their medical treatment paid for, and money for their future, after being involved in a very serious crash. The policy limits were capped at $100,000 but our team was able to find 6 separate lines of insurance coverage totaling up to the $600,000 global settlement.