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Deborah Green

Deborah Green

Deborah Green

My role at Green Injury Law Firm is overseeing the staff and ensuring that our technology runs smoothly. We run a cloud-based case management software that provides our staff (and clients) with instant information about every aspect of the case, allowing our firm to move quickly and precisely.

While I do not have a law degree, I have over 6,000 hours of “dinner table law talk” under my belt (Seth loves to talk about his work). Our family is passionate about our business. I will do what it takes to help our clients navigate their cases and come out with a smile on their faces.

In terms of my educational background, I earned a psychology degree with a minor in business from The Florida State University. I continued on to Nova Southeastern University where I earned a Masters Degree. Following my schooling, I began a career in higher education where I counseled students as they navigated hardships during their educational journey—something which has many parallels to helping accident victims.

Outside of the office, I am a mother to our two beautiful children, Eden & Lev, and our dog named Tripp. As a family, we enjoy going for walks, reading books, having living room dance parties, and relaxing by the pool. These are the moments that fill my tank so that I can be my best self in the office.

Seth and I have our family’s future invested in our law firm and we will work hard to build a legacy that will make our children proud. Let our family take care of yours.



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